One simple, transparent fee.

Lower fees mean more money in your portfolio to help grow your investments.

What you’ll pay:

A low advisory fee
1% per year

Our advisory fee is significantly below the industry average and includes advisory, brokerage, custody, ongoing portfolio management and 24/7 access to Haseed’s technology platforms.

Low Fund Fees

We utilize low cost funds to build you a highly diversified portfolio. These fees are charged by the fund provider and don’t go to Haseed. This is the cost of managing the funds, including management fees, transaction fees and operating expenses.

No Other Fees

No trading commissions, withdrawal fees, minimum balance fees or other hidden fees.

What you'll get
  • Professional, personalized investment advisory and portfolio recommendation
  • Low-cost, globally diversified portfolios
  • Regular rebalancing to keep your investments on track
  • Automatic dividend reinvestment
  • Safekeeping of your assets with a top global custodian and covered by SIPC protection for up to $500,000 against broker insolvency
  • Full access to Haseed’s robust platforms and client support

Like all fund transfers, there may be charges related to transferring your money in and out of your investment account. These fees do not go to Haseed and may include fund transfer, currency exchange, or other fees banks may charge.